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  Q  5.10 What are the ranges for fire resistance, thermal insulation, sound transmission?
  A  The tests performed on the Hi-Tech panels show a fire resistance of 2 hours. However, the panels can be designed to suit any code requirement.  The steel tubes can be filled with mineral fibre or concrete and the EPS can be replaced with rigid mineral fibre to satisfy any higher requirements.  Thermal insulation can vary between R10 and R100 by increasing the width of the insulation.  Our standard in our factory was R24 for the walls and R30 for the roof.

In IHI's Vancouver show house, we met all the STC rating for Vancouver with our standard Hi-Tech panels, however, the rating can be significantly increased for specific applications. For instance, we have designed some panels to house a generator room for AT&T in a location downtown Vancouver.  We will be adding a thin sheet of lead that will be placed in between the insulation and then the insulation will be covered on both sides by our high strength concrete.  This will allow us to increase the STC rating  to any level we need.
  Q  5.11 Do issues arise from toxic materials, dust or other particles?
  A  IHI does not use any toxic materials.  Its factory is properly designed to maintain a clean environment.  Above the robotic welding area IHI has purchased the most sophisticated exhaust system to convert the welding fumes into solid non-toxic particles.
  Q  5.12 Are the elements individually and as an assembly chemically stable?
  A  As explained above our material is totally inert and as a result, chemically stable.
  Q  5.13 Is the assembly suitable for use in areas with high salinity?  Can and should the panels be transported by sea?
  A  The Hi-Tech panels passed all the tests after applying heavy salinity and for long duration.  We do not anticipate any problems at all in shipping the Hi-Tech panels by sea based on our previous experience for panels shipped for the Luxembourg Show Home. Soon IHI will export the panels needed for the first of two joint venture factories in accordance with IHI's expansion program worldwide as well as a show home for France.
  Q  5.14 Is it desirable, necessary or essential for the panel to be factory decorated and sealed prior to transportation and installation?
  A  Our standard is to seal the concrete in the factory prior to shipment.
  Q  5.15 Can the finishes, fittings and services be applied/integrated at the factory?
  A  They can be applied as an option.
  Q  6.1 Factory by manufacturer
  A  IHI has in house quality control in addition to independent agencies and private consulting firms.
  Q  6.2 Transport by manufacturer and haulier
  A  Transportation can be assured by any transportation company. Vancouver is a major international seaport and all major lines are represented here. We can also work with local and international shippers if there are already established relationships.
  Q  6.3 Site operations by manufacturer, haulier and constructor.
  A  All operations on site including erection can be undertaken by any general contractor using steel erection sub-contractors under IHI's top supervision.
  Q  7.1 Design and manufacture coordination: architectural design, dimensional coordination, structural design, building services, fittings and finishes; buildability; transportation to site; cranage, etc.
  A  IHI will prepare the required shop drawings for manufacturing to be pre-approved by all concerned consultants prior to commencement of any manufacturing or fabrication.  Moreover, IHI will provide erection drawings in order to simplify the operations on site and increase efficiency.  IHI will work closely with the general contractors to synchronize the transportation schedule of panels to site in addition to recommend type and size of cranes to be used on site. 

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