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  Q  1.1 Where is the Factory Located?
  A  The IHI R&D and Manufacturing Facility is located in North Delta, Greater Vancouver. It has produced over 40 different products since 1994.
  Q  1.2 At what rate will it be produced and delivered?
  A  At full capacity, the IHI factory can produce up to 15,000 square feet of panels per 12 hour shift.
  Q  1.3 What is the cost of the system, including delivery.  How does this compare to traditional construction methods?
  A  Details are needed with relation to the mechanical, electrical and public health systems in order to be able to estimate the exact cost of production.  We also need to know the type and height of the buildings, specifications etc.
Recently we concluded a joint costing exercise with one of Toronto's largest developer. The results showed overall savings of up to 25% (structural) depending on the nature of the structure over conventional methods . This accounted for savings in materials, labor, financing (due to a significant reduction in the time capital was tied up) and other costs based on a high-rise structure and stringent compliance with Toronto codes and was in comparison to a specific building system used by the developer (steel structure with pre-cast concrete cladding and dry wall). 
  Q  1.4 How many man hours are required to erect the system?
  A  The labour hours required for say a typical each 200 sq.m. of built-up area are as follows:  1/2man-hour of labour/sq.m. of built-up area and  0.1 crane hours per sq.m. of built-up area for the erection of the panels.
  Q  1.5 What skills are required to erect the system?  Are they locally available?
  A  Every crew will consist of one crane operator and 4 steel erectors.  These skills are readily available in most countries.  Every 2 crews will need a supervisor that can be provided by IHI if needed.  These supervisors will help train the local crews.
  Q  1.6 What other trades and man hours are required to complete the works? Wet trades, decorators, flooring contractors, electricians, plumbers, joiners, etc.
  A  In addition to the mentioned trades, other trades will be required such as painters, roofing installers, mechanical installers etc.  The man hours required will depend on the specifications of the project and these can be easily estimated by the local contractors.
  Q  1.7 What other materials and quantities are required to complete the project, such as kitchens, bathrooms, floors, light fittings, wardrobes, etc?
  A  This depends on the specifications of the project.  IHI can provide panels with sleeve pipes as well as electrical conduits (empty) and boxes.   Concrete will be polished and sealed with one coat of painting applied to all panels.

Finishings are independent of the construction method and this should be viewed as a constant regardless of the approach.  That is to say, the same number and cost of such components will be incurred by the contractors independent of the construction method.     If desired, we can assist in obtaining the best prices for finishings based on our strategic alliances with suppliers.
  Q  2.1 The product/system needs approval by building regulation authorities and compliance with relevant building codes. 
  A  IHI is well aware of this and we are confident that the IHI system will exceed all local codes and regulations. Vancouver building codes are considered amongst the most stringent in North America (particularly with respect to moisture and seismic sensitivity) and IHI is approved here. We will provide our joint-venture partners and clients with all necessary support information for compliance needs.
  Q  2.2 Compliance with European standards.  These include DIN, BS, ISO, EN, Agreement Certificates for components and assemblies.
  A  As stated in 2.1, we will provide all support for compliance.
  Q  3.1 Can the IHI system be applied for the construction of domes, vaults etc.  Can alterations be made easily to an existing contruction?
  A  (eg. The home owner / handyman wants to enlarge a window opening, punch through a skylight but does not want to hire the original builder, how much does the mass production aspect limit the possibilities for variety of cost, feasibility and/or time?

Definitely yes.  The mentioned requirements can be met without any problem. In fact we believe that the inherent flexibility of the IHI system will make it easier to adapt than conventional methods.  We have produced curved walls in our Vancouver show home.  Domes and vaults can be made but are not a standard item of great demand.  IHI will prepare a full set of shop drawings for every single panel and connenctions includung the mechanical and electrical systems.  A set of these drawings will be availabel at all times for required alterations.  IHI demosntrated that the Vancouver show home that was first built at the BC stadium in Vancouver, was dismantled, altered and re-built.  It will be possible to make additional openings for windows or doors in consultation with the IHI technical design office.

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