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  Q  7.2 Manufacture, rate of production, quality control, etc.
  A  1,500 m2 of panel area per day. Quality control is undertaken by IHI in the factory as well as provision of site supervision.
  Q  7.3 Delivery: method of transport, protection during transport, accessibility of site, etc.
  A  Please see above.
  Q  7.4 Site conditions: to be accessed by vehicles and cranes.  Method of substructure and site infrastructure, etc.
  A  Please see above
  Q  7.5 Cranage: availability and accessibility, etc.
  A  This is normally supplied by local consultants and general contractors to IHI prior to commencement of any panel design. Local cranage to be assessed by contractors based on the requirements stated.
  Q  7.6 Construction process: methodology, sequencing and resources.
  A  Please see above
  Q  7.7 Untested product/durability/life expectancy: test results for all aspects of system.
  A  Please see above (we have already, or will provide test results for these aspects).
  Q  7.8 Labour: availability, skills and quality.
  A  As mentioned above, the main crew needed to erect the system of panels are steel erectors.  Such labour is readily available in most Countries.  If need be, steel  erectors can be brought in from surrounding regions.  IHI will be very pleased to provide Top Supervision in order to ensure the highest professional quality control.
  Q  7.9 Warranty: by whom and for what period of time.
  A  The warranty for the product will be 10 years.  IHI will warrantee the structural part backed by IHI's raw material suppliers warranties.
  Q  8.1 What is the method statement to achieve the desired outcome in the required period?
  A  Issues include: Full product development, testing, compliance with relevant standards, ensure manufacturing methods, controls and quality systems are in place, delivery system and protection during transportation, cranage, training of management and site operatives, management of dimensional coordination, etc.

As far as IHI is concerned, the IHI product is fully developed and tested.  IHI will be in full production by the end of December 2002. This includes all the required quality control testing and code equivalents.  
  Q  8.2 Can the IHI system be considered for projects such as hotels, hospitals, schools, offices housing developments, etc.
  A  The Hi-Tech panellized system is applicable to any sort of building since it does not use moulds and thus any sort of building can be realized utilising this system.

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