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  Q  Specific product or service to be featured:
  A  Unique revolutionary construction technology consisting of the production of pre-engineered customized buildings using steel/concrete insulated and pre-serviced panels produced in a factory using state-of-the-art computers and machinery including robotics and a sophisticated software created by the inventors and founders of the company.
  Q  3) What are the key elements that contribute to the superior or unique status of your technology?
  A  We can summarize the key elements that contribute to the unique status of our Technology as follows:
  • Unique technology needed World-Wide;
  • Computerized the construction industry to manufacture an accurate product quickly;
  • Complete liberty and flexibility of design;
  • No height limitations -- from 1 to 40 stories;
  • High degree of thermal insulation to meet any climatic condition even Siberia!;
  • High acoustic insulation;
  • Environmentally friendly panels -- made of inert building materials;
  • Resistant to hurricane forces -- 300 miles/hr wind;
  • Fire resistant -- tested to resist 2hrs;
  • Speed of production -- 15000 sq.ft. of panel area/12 hr. production shift;
  • Speed of Assembly -- 100 man/hours to assemble 3000 sq.ft on site;
  • Low cost -- 90% reduction in labor cost;
  • Higher efficiency/productivity of labor on site for execution of finishing's thus further reduction in labor cost;
  • Panels are equipped with electrical conduits, pipe sleeves, and the concrete is sealed with one coat of paint at the factory;
  • The panels are light because 65% of the redundant volume of concrete is replaced by rigid insulation whose shape is determined by an in-house computer software;
  • No waste or theft on the job-site;
  • The speed of assembly on site reduces noise and is environmentally friendly;
  Q  7) In layman's terms please provide a description of your product/service.
  A  IHI designs and manufactures buildings for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets. The buildings are durable, strong and accurate, custom designed and finished and are built in a fast manner whether high-rise or low-rise.
  Q  9) What are the controversial subjects or issues in your industry (related to the story to be featured)? Where does your company stand on those issues?
  1. Selling gold cheaper than copper
    If there are people that for whatever reason prefer to buy copper rather than gold even if they have to pay more to purchase copper, then definitely our company will not target the market of such minority. IHI believes that it has the most superior product system in the construction industry due to all the above mentioned key elements.
  2. Building with concrete
    Building with concrete and steel in traditional methods is very expensive, particularly for homes because of the high labor involvement. At IHI, automation and intelligent construction systems allow us to bring down the above costs to levels below the cost of wood construction whilst increasing the strength, durability, quality, speed of construction significantly.

    At IHI, we believe that wood should be employed only for the execution of interior furnishings where applicable, not only to increase the profit margin of the wood industry but to minimize cutting down our forests. IHI also believes that wood is not a durable structural building material that can withstand severe natural elements like fire, hurricanes, floods, termites, etc.

    Because IHI has a unique and new product, many customers will require the time and the experience to witness the superior advantages of the IHI system and because of that, IHI's initial plan was enforced by setting up several show homes and building its own manufacturing facilities including the production and office areas. IHI is currently designing a high-rise residential building to be built towards the end of 2003 in order to demonstrate all the above mentioned advantages. This policy will continue to be enforced and spread world-wide.

  Q  10) What future trends do you see having an impact on your Industry?
  A  We believe that the Construction Industry will become more and more automated and integrated in the coming years following the example set out by IHI for reasons explained herein.

Because of the numerous advantages of the IHI system, developers will use the IHI system as a tool to develop new cities, massive housing programs to reduce pressure and demand on governments and provide the needed shelters and jobs.
  Q  11) How are you planning to address these trends?
  A  With all the advantages mentioned herein, IHI is confident that it will not only be a leader with its construction system but also that it will set the school that will attract and direct the mainstream international construction groups to follow.
  Q  What do you feel is the most credible organization in your business community?
  A  International testing, certifying and quality control agencies such as INTERTEK, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada).

We will be happy to provide copies of our available videos the majority of which are in BETACAM.
  Q  1.1.1 Which national or international by-laws or regulations are the base ones to design the structure?
  A  All the raw materials utilized by IHI in its manufacturing process are UL/ULC (United Laboratories and United Laboratories of Canada ) approved or any local approved material, hence, with an independent local certified engineer, the panels will automatically be locally certified in any Country in the world covering any local or international standards.
  Q  1.1.2 Is there any certificate or technical verification issued by authentic national or International references.
  A  Please see above, however, structural tests results were prepared by NU -- WESTECH Engineering on IHI panels showing how the tests exceeded the specified load values significantly whether static or dynamic. In addition to that Fire Tests were carried out on 3 IHI Structural Panels with different thicknesses by the World renowned INTERTEK Laboratories at their facilities in British Columbia, Canada.

Intertek is a leading provider of quality and safety solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world. From auditing and inspection, to testing, quality assurance and certification,

Intertek operates a global network of more than 1,000 laboratories and offices and over 23,000 people in 110 countries around the world.

Customers of Intertek include some of the world's leading brands, major global and local companies and government. The Intertek story starts at the inception of the modern testing industry. The history of Intertek spans 122 years and evolves from the combined growth of 15 innovative companies.

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