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  Q  5.3 How much area in square meter of the structure (if it is prefabricated) is feasible to be carried by an 18-wheel truck? If there is any special carrier or vehicle, describe it in detail.
  A  This depends on the allowed weight that can be transported by the truck. The average weight of the panels is 220 kg/m2.

The IHI panels are transported from the Factory to the site using flat bed trucks or B trains -- For instance, in Canada, it is allowed to transport 30 Tons on a tri-axial truck and 40 tons on B-train trucks, dividing above by 0.22 tons/m2 average you will obtain a total sq.m. of panels per load. The allowed weight varies from Country to Country each with their own specific set of regulations. Normally the most economical way to load inside the factory is by using an overhead crane and a mobile crane or heavy duty forklift on site to unload the trucks and install the panels.
  Q  5.4 How is the pace of constructing this structure in comparison with common steel and concrete buildings? In other words how much time does it take to build one story?
  A  Please see above, however, to be more specific: A typical automated IHI Factory at optimized capacity and full synchronization by local production management, on average 40 pallets with an average 37 m2 of panels each can be properly produced in one day. Therefore, an average of 40 x 37 m2 = 1480 m2 of panels can be produced per 12 hr. shift with a reliable and experienced crew. The Factory can produce enough panels to build 15 apartments, 100 m2 each every day. A five storey building with a total area of 1000 m2 can be erected by a crew of 10 people and one 80 Ton crane in 5 days.
  Q  5.5 All requirements of this structure whether it is made in factory or site should be specified. Explain instruments and equipments for construction and installation.
  A  The structure will be made at the local IHI Factory that will be equipped with the most advanced panel production equipment, including automatic placing and pouring concrete equipment, automated concrete batching plants, automatic jigs for welding, laser cutting and welding equipment, etc. To assemble a 5 storey building, the site crew will need an 80 ton mobile crane with a crane operator , 2 certified welders equipped with mobile welding equipment, 5 certified steel erectors a supervisor and laser guided beams for alignment.
  Q  5.6 To what extent does this construction require maintenance and rehabilitation?
  A  The IHI buildings require practically no maintenance as far as the IHI panels are concerned, for the rest of the finishes and equipment it will depend on the quality of the specified materials by the Architects. However if only IHI specified finishing are used the maintenance will be reduced to an average of one coat of paint every 10 years.

The IHI buildings require practically no maintenance as far as the overall IHI panels are concerned specially since all steel elements are coated and imbedded in a very high strength concrete layers that are fully sealed and coated and all exterior walls and interior panels with built-in piping sleeves, have integrated weeping holes to allow for proper drainage in case of any human created problems. Most importantly, all connections are fire protected with bolts under no static stresses and are fully welded to the fully special moment resistant 3-dimensional space frame structure allowing any axis stresses due to any dynamic loading to be filtered out from the system in a very natural and harmonized manner.

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