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Developer Benefits: Building Profits

Whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial developer, the IHI System can improve your bottom line. Our customized, modular building technology can accommodate hi-rise, low-rise and single-family designs without restricting the creativity of your architect.

Fast to Construct - Faster to Erect:

Fast to Construct - Faster to ErectYour IHI building will be manufactured semi-automated factory - it only takes us 120 person-hours to complete the floor, wall and roof panels for a 3,000 sq. ft. home at our factory, and a 5-person crew with a crane can put it together on site in 3 days!

Cost Savings without Compromising Quality:

Cost savings are significant over traditional construction products and methods - we can probably save you 30% when comparing equivalent standards, because we partly use automation to build the panels and there is very little on-site labor needed to lock them together. And our computer designs the panels to optimize strength while replacing redundant raw materials (concrete and steel) with insulation. The quick construction cycle should also reduce your capital carrying costs, and

Eliminating Site Waste:

With the IHI System you don't have to deal with site waste associated with traditional construction projects, or the cost of removing it. And we don't have the waste to deal with at our factory either: we reuse or recycle leftover raw materials used in our panels, making the IHI System an environmentally-friendly choice.

Higher Market Demand for IHI Buildings: Higher Market Demand for IHI BuildingsWe can help you build a showpiece development or quality affordable housing.

Whatever your specifications, you will have the confidence of knowing that your structure meets or exceeds all international code requirements, offers soundproofing, is built to last and can be finished inside and out with the look that your target market demands.

Wherever you build, the Hi-Tech System is suitable: our product can withstand humid conditions (insects & rot-resistant), hurricane-force winds (tested to 300 mph), earthquakes (we've passed some seismic tests by over 400% in earthquake zones) and flooding.

Fast Turnover Turnkey Projects:

So now you have the option of completing your projects faster and more profitably with optimum project management. That means that you can grow your business by taking on more projects, or pocket the difference and take a long vacation...

Come on in and walk through our On-Line Show Home of our IHI Show Home in Luxembourg, that was dismantled in 2006.

Or put on your hardhat and put together the Show Home as you Build Your Own Project

And don't forget to Contact Us so that we can take the next step towards doing business together.


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